Sandblasting Equipment, Supplies, and Abrasive Media

SPESCO Inc has consistently earned the CLEMCO Industries Corporation Distributor of Excellence Award 

951 Pierce Butler Route, St. Paul, Minnesota  55104

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SPESCO is a distributor of products from CLEMCO (sandblasting machines, blast cabinets, sandblasting parts), ERVIN (steel grit and shot), Potters (bead blasting media),  Illinois Valley Minerals (aluminum oxide, garnet), and US Minerals (coal slag). Abrasive/media blasting  is effective in: 

  • surface preparation to apply or remove coatings
  • creation of uniform appearances by removing rust, flashings, burrs, welding burns, tool marks, and scratches
  • contaminant removal, surface etching, and peening

 About SPESCO Inc

SPESCO Inc has served the region providing abrasive sand blasting media, blast machines, blast cabinets and parts for sandblasting operations since 1987.